1. Find a real estate agent that specializes in rentals in the area where you want to move to. That real estate agent should email you listings of available rentals in your neighborhood and price range.

2. Figure out how much rent you can afford. Make sure the rent is no more than 30% of your take home pay. For example if the monthly rent is $1500 a month. You should bring home $4500.00 a month. Do not forget to factor in utilities.

3. What kind of features do you need. If you have a pet, you may need a yard or space nearby to walk or run with it. Do you have children, that determines how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need. Other amenities might include: fireplace, deck, community pool, fireplace, community exercise room, etc. You feel that you need a garage, that means you may have to compromise on space.

4. Do you want to take on a roommate to help with expenses. You may want to give the basement to the roommate.

5. Make sure the place that you choose is near the places where you like to hang out. Are you a person who likes restaurants, malls, shopping centers, movies, or gyms.

6. Check out the neighborhood carefully before you sign a lease. How is the noisy is the neighborhood after school and on weekends. Are people wandering around at 3 a.m. You must visit the neighborhood at different hours to make sure that you will be comfortable. Neighborhoodscout.com and spotcrime.com can tell you about crime in the neighborhood.

7. Education: Do you have certain schools that you want your children to attend? Do you need a daycare? These are things to think about when choosing a neighborhood.

8. Rental type: If you are looking for a short term rental, you may need to think about corporate housing which can be more expensive.

High Rise apartments are nice because they have so many amenities right onsite. Cleaners, stores, swimming pools, dog walks, exercise rooms, exercise classes, grilling area, and projector rooms to watch TV or movies. However, they do not give you as much personal space as renting a town house.

9. Once you choose a space, you will have to fill out an application, pay an application fee, and pay a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. Sometimes apartment buildings will ask for less of a security deposit. The landlord or property manager will run a credit check, verify your income and job references. If you qualify, they will set a move in date with you. You and your realtor will do a walk thru before you move in. If you do not qualify, the landlord or property manager will give you your security deposit back.

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