1. Do not change banks to often. Some banks will run a hard credit check when you open an account with them. This can drop your score down 5 points.

2. Use your credit cards and pay them off quickly. If you have a $3000.00 credit limit and you pay it off, that $3000.00 credit is still available to you to use. If you have another credit card with a limit of $7000.00 and you owe $3000.00. The total credit that you now have is $10,000.00. Your total debt is $3000.00. This is good, because your debt ratio is 30%. However, if the creditor closes the card that you are not using, your available credit is now $7000.00 and your debt ratio is increased to 42.8%, which is not good. This scenario will cause your credit score to drop significantly. Do not let your debt ratio go higher than 30%. It will cause your score to drop.

3. Unpaid parking tickets and ez-pass violations–Pay these off quickly, because they can go to collections and drop your credit score at least 100 points.

4. Car Rental- Car Rental companies will run hard inquires to check your credit. This is will ding your credit score. Hertz is the only rental car company that I am aware of that will run a soft inquiry of your credit and allow you to use your debit card.

5. Pay your bills on time. Try to keep late payments, collections, and charge off of your credit reports. Try to get bills paid automatically from your bank account.

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