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Buyer Beware-New Construction Hazards

#Newconstructionhomes  are great because everything in them is brand new. New appliances, new floors, untouched walls, etc. However, it is important to have a #realestateexpert to  help you with the transaction. The building agent is there to make money by charging you and giving you the least amount of benefits. You definitely need representation. New […]

Is your credit score dropping ?

There are several reasons for your credit score to suddenly drop and you might not even realize it. That is why it is very important to monitor your credit report. Make sure the items on your credit report are accurate. Hard Inquiries– If you go into a car dealership and apply for a car loan, […]

Fix Your Credit Buy a House

Are you tired of your hard earned money going down the drain because you have credit issues and you think that you cannot purchase a home? THINK AGAIN !!!! Most people have things on their credit reports that should be removed. Get your credit cleaned up and get your money to work for you. Fix […]

8 Benefits of home ownership

8 benefits of buying your dream home 1. Step 1 The first step for getting your dream home is to register at my website realestatebyjane.net and get your free e-book giving you the steps to home buying. If you are currently living with parents, or renting and thinking about purchasing a home, this blog will […]

Zombie Debts

The shocking truth about old debt collections You receive a letter or phone call about an old bill that you paid or has been removed from your credit report. This bill is probably years old, something you have forgotten about. If they call you, do not give them any money or information over the phone. […]

9 Steps to simplify your rental search

1. Find a real estate agent that specializes in rentals in the area where you want to move to. That real estate agent should email you listings of available rentals in your neighborhood and price range. 2. Figure out how much rent you can afford. Make sure the rent is no more than 30% of […]

3 Steps to finding money to purchase your home

1. You will need either a mortgage lender or a mortgage broker. A mortgage lender is the company that provides the funding for your purchase of real estate. These are usually banks or credit unions. A mortgage broker is the person between you the borrower and the mortgage lender. The broker tries to get you […]

8 Steps to fix your credit to buy your home

In the real estate industry #Cashisking and #CreditisPower. It does not matter how much money you make, if your #creditscore is low, then you will have problems renting or buying. If you try to rent and your credit score is below 600, the landlord will probably want a double deposit. If you apply for a […]