#Newconstructionhomes  are great because everything in them is brand new. New appliances, new floors, untouched walls, etc. However, it is important to have a #realestateexpert to  help you with the transaction. The building agent is there to make money by charging you and giving you the least amount of benefits. You definitely need representation.

New construction homes cost about 20% more, but they are cheaper in terms of maintenance and utilities. Most new construction builders will offer to pay closing costs if you use their preferred lender.  It is important that you seek the advice of many lenders and find out what they offer also. It is also important that you look up the reviews for different builders before you make a final choice.

Floor plans in new construction homes often allow for personalization. The kitchen flows into the family room, so that homework can be over looked and games watched on TV.  Bedrooms are built to let in natural light. Often you can purchase builder upgrades. All the appliances will be new so they will be efficient. Smart home technology will allow the cable, speakers, and alarm system to work off of the internet. Often new construction homes are built near parks, schools, and transit.

However, sometimes moving into a new construction home can mean a longer commute to work, the landscaping in the area is not always the best. And sometimes the floor plans are to general to make your new home personal. Often times you will have to wait a couple of months for your new home to be ready.

The cost of a new construction home is based upon location, land cost, home size, cost of building materials, market conditions, and builder impact fees which are imposed by local government.

If  you decide to purchase a new construction home hire a realtor that is experienced with new construction homes and the neighborhood that you want to purchase in. Take the realtor with you to the first visit to the new construction site, so that the builder agent knows that you are working with an agent. Otherwise, the builder agent will not allow you to have a real estate agent to represent you. If you do not use a real estate agent to represent you, the commission money goes to the builder.

New construction model homes make #beautifulhomes.  They usually include expensive builder upgrades. Find out what the standard options are and what your house will have. Get everything in writing. Before you go to closing, have a home inspection. Hire a licensed home Inspector.  Make sure everything you were promised has been done. Once you go to closing, the builder will disappear and not be willing to work with you anymore.

Another thing to consider is purchasing the model home. It will have lots of builder upgrades at a good price.  If you are considering purchasing a new home call #realestatebyjane at 703-606-7963. We can help you solve credit issues, find funding, and help you deal with builder agents. We can make sure that you get your money’s worth. We have #dreamhome deals. Call today:703-606-7963.


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