The shocking truth about old debt collections

You receive a letter or phone call about an old bill that you paid or has been removed from your credit report. This bill is probably years old, something you have forgotten about. If they call you, do not give them any money or information over the phone. Ask them to send you something in writing. It is probably an old phone bill or medical bill that was sold to a new collection agency. What should you do? After you see the bill in writing make sure it is legitimately yours. Check to see if the statue of limitations has past for you to still be responsible for this debt. Send the collection agency a Debt Validation Letter. This letter demands that the collector send you documentation proving that you actually still owe the debt. This documentation would have to come from the original creditor. The debt has probably been sold so many times that it will probably be difficult for the original collector to validate it. They will probably just go away.

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